Vlogging and how to use a Mino Flip Video Camera

Flip Mino Video Camera

OK so I thought it was about time I took the plunge and did a short video of myself so that you could see I was a real person…. unfortunately all too real, after all this was shot first thing in the morning so I’m not looking my best by a long chalk and wow does the video show up every wrinkle and hair out of place!  I can see why these celebrities wear 2 inch make up to disguise the realities of life!

This video is going to be on my “About Me” page but I thought I’d also put it here as a  blog post so I could share my experiences and you could view the finished article!

Now first of all, I have to say the video itself I did in a couple of shots, I had an idea of what I wanted to cover but the whole point of it was to show I was a real-life person so to have memorised a script would have come across as stilted and “unreal” so I didn’t have one.

I use a Mino Flip video camera which apparently they have stopped making due to so many mobile phones now having Flip Video CameraHD quality video recording facilities. I think this is a real shame as not everyone wants the fancy mobile (or likes the one they’ve got) but a handy palm sized video recorder that slips straight into the USB port of the laptop or PC and records at literally the press of the big red button, is a God send!  You will see the all too unforgiving detail you get with the Flip and considering I was walking about – the visual quality is excellent.  However, a little scoot around proves they are still selling them on Amazon so I would grab one whilst you can!  Even if you don’t end up doing a blog or using video for work, they are great for your holiday videos!

So the video recording took a few minutes.  Next you press a button, the little connection “flips” out and you place it in the usb port of your PC, the Flipshare software appears and you find your video on the screen and press “share to…. FB, Twitter or YouTube.  You are then asked to log in to whichever account it is you’re trying to share with…. this is where it all went pear-shaped!!  I tried to log in to my YouTube account which I could log in to directly, no problem at all but it came up with “Can’t log in”.  I tried numerous ways with Username, Google email account etc but still the same problem.  I had to go off to “the proper job” for a few hours and came back and finally got onto support chat about it after finding a lot of people in various forums having the same problem.  I had tried all their suggestions but no joy.  We had been chatting for at last 30 minutes trying to find a solution when I seemed to get disconnected from chat!  Close to throwing the whole laptop in the bin by this point I saved the video onto my laptop and then tried to insert it directly into the blog post only to be told the file was to large to upload into the blog.

Next up was to go into YouTube and upload it into there first.  It worked! Oh joy – so why didn’t I do it that way in the first place?  Next to re-insert the media into the blog as a link – but that just gave a hyperlink and I wanted the screen shot to be in the post (goodness knows why I look like I’m rather tipsy to say the least in the shot!) but really just so you could see there was a video in the post.  Then I remembered – you have to embed the video into the post (or any other website for that matter) to be able to see it as below.  How do you do that?  You find the video you want to embed in YouTube and then click “share” then “embed” then copy the piece of code you see there.  Finally, go to your blog post or the website you are embedding the video into and find the ‘html’ section or tab as you need to paste into that, not the visual tab or wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) section, as this is proper html code.  Paste the code where you want it and “voila”! Your thumb nail picture will show up on your website and when people click on it, all being well they will be able to view your video!  Magic!  Don’t forget to entitle your video on YouTube give it a good description with any useful keywords and tag it appropriately!

So are you ready?!  My first attempt at vlogging (video blogging) is below.  I hope you enjoy it!

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